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Bucket List Sessions


What is a Bucket List Session? These experiences are going to be just like the perfectly curated experiences we offer to every single one of our lovely clients but with a creative twist. 

CLICK HERE to view the vision boards for the themes you can choose from!

A portion of your experience/photoshoot will be dedicated to a creative concept, pre-planned and artistically created by BoudoirXAllie. 

In exchange for a waived session fee ($600), you are agreeing to give Allie artistic, creative freedom for the selected concept in addition to a signed model release agreement. A model release is a contract that gives me (the photographer) permission to be able to share images created from the shoot as well as behind the scenes on platforms such as my website & social media accounts including but not limited to Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, etc.

Only 2-3 women will be selected for each concept and the individual concepts will take place specific dates in order to accommodate the construction and creation of set designs and props.


Please send an email to with a full body, clothed image of yourself and a paragraph about why you are interested in being selected for this project. In the subject line you must also notate the name of the concept you are applying for.

*A collection purchase is required. Collection investments begin at $3,000. In house financing and Afterpay options are available! Click here to read more about pre-session & post session financing via PayPal Credit!

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