Goddess Collections

Boudoir Photo Album



50 Image 12x12 Album + Box

Diamond Album Cover Upgrade + Gilding

(3) 16x24 OR (1) 40x60 Wall Art

Full Digital Collection + Crystal USB

4x6 Individual Prints of full gallery

Boudoir Video

5 Bonuses*



40 Image 10x10 Album + Box

(3) 16x24 Wall Art

Full Digital Collection + Crystal USB

Boudoir Video

4 Bonuses*

Boudoir Album
Boudoir Album



30 Image 10x10 Album + Box

(1) 24x36 OR (2) 16x24 Wall Art

Full Digital Collection

3 Bonuses*



20 Image 10x10 Album + Box

(1) 16x24 Wall Art

Corresponding Digital Collection

2 Bonuses*

Sexy Photo Album
Sexy Photo Book



20 Image 8x8 Album + Velvet Bag

(1) 8x12 Wall Art



10 Image Leather Folio

(1) 8x12 Wall Art

Leather Folio


Exclusive sets are the perfect way to add that little extra *spice* to you experience & are only available when you make a decision on your collection within 24 hours of booking. The number of bonuses you are eligible for is dependent on the collection you decide on (see above details).

Nude Photoshoot


Value 500

Who wouldn't want to be covered in gold?! Gold leaf is strategically placed on your body to add the pop & texture that is so artistically stunning.

Goddess Wings

Value 500

Choose between the 5’ tall black goddess wings or Golden set to showcase the true goddess that you are!

Gold Angel Wing
Sex Swing Photoshoot


Value 500

Do whips and chains excite you? Riri says "na na na na na come on!" We have collars, cuffs & our newest addition to the studio, THE SWING! 


Value 500

We took the neon trend and elevated it by creating a one of a kind set inspired by Studio 54! A splash of neon + the eclectic decor will add a unique & artistic element to your images.

Sexy Neon Photoshoot
Honey Photoshoot


Value 250

A sweet and sticky bonus to one of your sets that will leave you with a sweet tooth you did not know you had!

Wet / Shower

Value 300

To get steam all you need is a little water and a lot of heat (YOU)! Our wet set is complete with a simple spray bottle, a shower mock-up & even some faux ice cubes!

Wet Set
Rhinestone Lingerie

Rhinestone Lingerie

Value 300

We heard that diamonds are a girls bestfriend! To add that extra razzle dazzle and sparkle to your images, this bonus is just the ticket!

Body Chains

Value 250

We have a huge selection of body chains in gold, silver and even some with pops of color! This is a great way to add some texture & spice into your session.

Body Chains
Widows Robe

Widows Robe

Value 400

The Boujie-ist set around, this floor length sheer tulle and feathered robe is incredible and makes for some very unique portraits.

Retro Viewfinder

Value 250

The perfect ‘peep show’ for you (or your partner)! Your retro viewfinder is available in two (2) different colors, black OR white and will include one (1) reel with seven (7) different images of your choice!

Retro Viewfinder
Acrylic Photo

Ice Block

Value 350

5”x7” 1” deep acrylic block, a small tabletop display with a big impact! Choose your favorite image to print and display this block anywhere from an office desk, private bathroom shelf or bed side table!

12 Month Calendar

Value 300

11”x17” Spiral Calendar with a different photo for each month that will be sure to make your day, every day of the year!

Sexy Calendar