• Allie Schuyler

Emily's Experience

"Allie went above and beyond to make the entire process special and memorable."

"After getting a breast reduction and losing a bit of weight I not only wanted to do this shoot as a gift to my husband, but also a gift to celebrate my body. From booking until the completion of the shoot Allie made me feel so comfortable and at ease! Her questionnaire made me feel like she knew exactly what style I was going for and that I wasn't going to just show up and hope the images came across how I envisioned. Allie went above and beyond to make the entire process special and memorable. She totally took my vision and ran with it. I love how creative she is with her boudoir images and doesn't just leave you with the typical boudoir shots you see everywhere. I never had to question how to pose myself or if I looked good in a position, she knew exactly how to place me and was always throwing out fun ideas that came to mind. We had the best time dancing around and I'm so grateful to not only have had her capture these special images for me, but also gain a new friend out of the experience. If you haven't already booked with Allie, do yourself a favor and book a shoot, I promise you will not regret it!!"


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