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Meet yourself for the first time...

Allow me to introduce you to YOU! Every single day you see yourself; in the same angles with the same light. A boudoir experience is an opportunity for you to finally get to see yourself in a way unlike any other! As soon as you walk into The Babe Cave, the entire day is dedicated to YOU! From the full pampering you deserve with one of Dallas' leading professional hair and makeup artists to the 90 minute long photoshoot, boudoir is a whirlwind of emotions and excitement that you won't want to end! You will be nervous, and those nerves are absolutely normal, but I have your back (& front)! After you see the back of the camera and get a taste for just how insanely perfect you are, you will never want it to end. 

Hey There, Gorgeous!

My name is Allie! I'm your typical Millennial; obsessed with plants, tattoos and classic rock. You can catch me talking to my dogs like they're people, re-watching Game of Thrones for the umpteenth time, and constantly hyping up every single woman that crosses my path because, well... GRL PWR! 

Although I wasn't born in Texas, I was raised here since I was about 5 years old. I tell people I am 5'1 when in reality I'm a solid 5'. Let's keep that our little secret though, ok? Cool! 

I'm a relentless promoter of self care and love. Boudoir photography captivated me from the very first shoot I ever did (a styled shoot that I paid to learn from) but the power that it showed, the power to help women fall in love with themselves, some for the first time ever, is what solidified my path of becoming a photographer that specialized specifically in offering this experience to every single woman possible. 

You deserve to love yourself, in every season of your life. Let me help you [re]discover that self love! 

                                                             XO, Allie Marie

Opulent Products

What should I do with my photos? A question I hear all the time. The short answer, what ever the hell you want! However, everything about this experience is exactly that; an experience! Scrolling through your phone, looking through digital images is great and all, but it just doesn't give you the THE experience like flipping through one of our luxury, handmade albums! Or even seeing your beautiful photos printed on metal, hanging above your bed, in your home office or master bathroom. Quality and durability are of upmost importance and that is why we work with only the best, revered labs in the country, to bring you the products you deserve!

BXA Babes

Baylee's Experience
Boudoir Shoot

I decided to book a boudoir shoot after a friend recommended it to me. A boudoir shoot is not something I ever saw myself doing.. EVER. I’ve always been somewhat modest with my appearance because that’s what I’ve felt comfortable in. You’ll catch me in a t shirt and leggings EVERYDAY. If I have to put on so much as a full face of makeup you can bet your ass I’m on edge and uncomfortable, much less in a dress. ANYWAY, last year was hard, like REAL f*cking hard for me. I had just graduated school, got a job at a trauma hospital, and then COVID happened right? Last year challenged ever piece of me mentally, emotionally, and especially physically. I am the heaviest I have ever been and my confidence was non-existent. Because of that, my relationship suffered and my mental and physical health suffered. I decided to book with angel Allie because I needed to see myself in a better light. No matter how many inspirational posts I read, compliments I got, or self help books I read, I did NOT like myself. I went out on a limb and went full send with Allie. I showed up at 9:45 in the babe cave and the energy was JUST what I needed. Usually Allie plays hip hop and rap to get you boosted, that’s not usually my thing, so we jammed to 90’s alternative rock and had a chill ass morning talking about plants, teen mom, and any other random BS that came in the moment. I can honestly say I’ve NEVER felt so comfortable being damn near, and at times FULLY nakey in someone’s house that I just met. BUT THATS ALLIE. She is the type to just make you feel at home like you’ve known her your whole life. I came in with no vision of how I wanted to look. I brought some outfits and she literally does the rest. You don’t need to know anything about boudoir, she will literally pose you from your nose to your toes and boost your ass up from the minute you walk in the door until she’s hugging you on your way out. BOOK THE SHOOT. I can’t even express how thankful I am to her for giving me a piece of my soul back, for giving me my edge back. She gave me something you can’t find anywhere else and you can bet your ass I’ll be following and supporting her movement til the end of time.

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