A Boudoir Experience is more than sexy photos in lingerie. It's an adventure you are about to go on; a journey of falling in love with yourself in a way like you have never before. From the time you decide to book an experience with me & even beyond the moment when your images are revealed & your products are in your hands, this adventure will be one of the most thrilling & exciting moments of your life! It's a pure adrenaline rush that leaves you feeling exactly how every single woman deserves to feel; like the bad ass Queen she is, with the confidence to take on the world head first! When you invest in a Boudoir Experience, you are not just investing in the photos, or even the products themselves; You are investing in yourself! Something that we, as women, too often forget to do! Between being mothers, home makers, business women, CEO's & every little thing in between, it's too easy to lose ourselves in the hustle of every day life. I am here to change that, because I wholeheartedly believe that every single woman deserves to feel like an unstoppable goddess!

It's so much more than just sexy photos...


The Experience

All experience's take place at The Babe Cave; A one of a kind studio at my home, just north of Dallas, TX, starting at $500. Your experience will include an over the phone consultation prior to your photo shoot, styling tips & advice, an hour & a half with a distinguished Hair & Makeup artist, an hour & a half long photo shoot, professionally edited & retouching of all final images as well as a same day, in person reveal & ordering session! 

*All products & images are sold separately. Anywhere from 50-70 images will be revealed, giving you plenty of options to select your very favorites that you would included with your collection purchase.