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Jessika's Experience

"This is a life changing experience for the better."
Jessika's Experience

"Where do I start…self confidence and self love being the main two. I struggle with Bulimia Nervosa/body dysmorphia, bi-polar disorder, anxiety/depression and suicide attempt and the list goes on. Not until recently did I come to understand these things DO NOT define me nor do they make me less-than. Boudoir got me out of my comfort zone of being unseen and unheard and into the free beautiful spirit I have always had just never showed. Allie was seriously supportive and made me so comfortable through the WHOLE experience. “YASSSS BITCH” I have gotten to see the gorgeous and sexy side of myself I thought I never had. This is a life changing experience for the better. I am in tears writing this because I hope you beautiful souls experience and find your self love just as I did today. Xoxo love you, Allie!

I thought I had to look “perfect” for my shoot and told myself to lose weight and work out and blah blah blah. STOP! You are lovely NOW. Eat that ice cream sandwich @ 3am the night before like me 😅 learn to love your body at every phase. I’m glad I chose to let my body become what it has for this shoot!!"

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