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BOOdoir (Halloween Boudoir)

Have you heard? Spooky season is the BEST season! This year we took a cult classic, sprinkled in a bit of glam and a whole lot of sexy.

I did this concept 2 years ago and after seeing a viral TikTok of another artist (loluxesparkle) rhinestoning an entire mask and knife, I knew we needed to do it again, but with a shimmery twist!

Over 10,000 rhinestones & 20+ hours of painstakingly applying each and every one individually, we ended up with something truly unique & BADASS - if I do say so myself!

Themed Boudoir photoshoots are always so much fun! It is an opportunity for you to be able to take your experience to the next level by dressing up and getting creative. From props, to masks and adding in environmental elements like a fog machine, your final images will be fun, sexy & most importantly be reflective of your personality and what it is you love & enjoy!

What's your favorite scary movie?!

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