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Bridal Boudoir

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. All of the details from the food, floral and of course the dress! One of the finest & memorable of details however will be the gift you receive and give your partner on the big day. Some will opt for a fancy watch or maybe a fine whiskey with your partners name engraved on the bottle.

But what if you could gift your partner something even more special? Something you won't be able to find in any store. Something that would serve as gift not only to them, but also for yourself! Imagine this - just moments before you walk down the aisle, your partner opens their gift; It is luxurious leather or velvet bound album filled with images of what they get to spend the rest of their life with, YOU. Looking and feeling as beautiful and confident as ever.

A bridal boudoir experience is an opportunity for you to be able to take a day to yourself that is all about yourself. 100% dedicated to you, a day filled with pampering from the professional hair and makeup when you arrive to the studio, access to our extensive client closet filled with over 400 pieces of luxury lingerie and accessories, professional posing guidance, a same day, private in-person reveal of your images to the luxurious and opulent products such as albums, wall art, boudoir films and more, this truly a gift for both of you!

You have said YES! to the dress now it is time for you to say 'HELL YES' to this experience.

Now that we have checked one more thing off your list, let's take a moment to talk about your experience and how you can make it truly an unforgettable one!

I will always advocate and encourage you to make this experience your own. In addition to bringing in your own personal bridal accessories like your garters, shoes, veil, day of jewelry & maybe even something of your partners, personal touches & shifting the overall vibe of your shoot & final images to be more reflective of you is the best way to make sure that your personality is accurately represented!

From our traditional brides that prefer a more classic approach to their experience with all white everything to our brides that crave something a little less conventional with the inclusion of a black veil, more color and studded stiletto's, all brides are welcome at The Babe Cave! And we heavily encourage you to choose the approach that is best suited to you and your personality! These are, of course, your memories that you will be looking back on for the rest of your life.

Whichever your preference, we have you completely covered! Our extensive and exclusive bridal closet is filled with accessories for you to use from veils in both white and black, garters, faux bridal bouquets and luxurious designer robes.

An elegant, traditional bride.

An edgy, unconventional bride.

Because the luxury products and service that we offer we encourage our brides and anyone that has a deadline of when they are needing their products in hand to schedule their experiences approximately 6 weeks in advance of that deadline. Most of our amazing client opt to book and secure their dates months in advance. If you are ready to book your experience please click the link below! You will receive a welcome email immediately upon submitting your contact form that will include an in depth session guide and opportunity to schedule a one-on-one phone consultation with myself to discuss and finalize all of the details of your experience!

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