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There are so many questions when it comes to Boudoir and I have always prided myself in being as transparent and open about everything that goes into the experience I have curated for my clients as possible. One of the most common questions I get when women reach out to inquire is about their investment into this experience. Not just the monetary investment but also the emotional investment.

One thing you have to know about the experience I have been able to perfect for you is that it really is AN EXPERIENCE. This is not a ‘quick shoot’ that you want ‘just a couple’ of photos from. Trust me.

Let's get real REAL - From my own personal experience, the first shoot I had was just that; A quick shoot. I was personally responsible for choosing and purchasing lingerie, professional hair and makeup was not something that was included nor did I even think about it being an option to book for myself. I showed up with what I thought was the only kind on lingerie I should wear as a plus size woman and walking up to the studio I did not feel prepared at all.

I won't deny myself of the feelings I did have after leaving because I still left feeling amazing! That shoot was something I never saw myself doing and I conquered my fear and did the damn thing. I only got a handful of photos that I really loved but it didn't matter at the time because I still did something so beyond and out of my comfort zone. However, my second shoot I booked was with a photographer that specialized in the experience and oh man, did that make such a huge difference for me.

I made the investment, both monetarily and emotionally, into what I knew was going to be an experience of a lifetime! And this is exactly why I am so proud to be able to offer that exact same experience to my clients. I know the effect and power this can have for women and I do not carry that responsibility lightly by any means!

At the end of the day I want my clients to see and FEEL the value of what they choose to invest when it comes to their own Boudoir journey. And truthfully, that feeling is priceless.

The monetary aspect is attainable, for every woman. No matter if you are a stay at home mom, traveling nurse, artist, flight attendant, office manager, or bar tender. I have created an in house financing option that all of my clients get to take advantage of when they choose to work with me and the best part, it is 100% customizable to fit within any budget! You get to choose what you invest, you get to decide when your payment plan begins and also how often you want your payments for your collection to be processed.

Another financing option is PayPal Credit! This is a newer option that I have started offering as of this year and is a great one for anyone that is looking to extend their payments out even further to really stick within their ideal budget!!

Your dream experience is so much more attainable than you realize! And trust me when I say, YOU FUCKING DESERVE IT!!!

It doesn't have to be scary... or feel impossible. And I am always here and ready for you when YOU are ready to take the first step in your own Boudoir adventure <3

To book or inquire about your experience, please feel free to fill out a contact form, linked here. I will send you over a session guide that you will be able to review prior to scheduling and setting up your personalized one-on-one phone consultation where we will be able to officially introduce ourselves and discuss all the details of your experience.

Until then, don't deny yourself of the joys and pleasures of life. Promise me you will find something small today to love and appreciate and always remember to take a moment to feel present and gratitude.

XX, Allie Marie of BoudoirXAllie, LLC

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