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Why Boudoir?

Up until July of 2020, I had only heard from other women, including you, my clients, about what a life changing experience boudoir was. Every time I read or was told directly about how POWERFUL & BADASS they felt, it just reinforced for me that this was an art that mattered. If something as simple as getting professional photos of yourself, glammed up & stripped down, could inspire these types of emotions & feelings, then I knew it was exactly what I was meant to do. I wanted to be a part of helping women feel those feelings!

After hearing all the amazing things I was hearing, I knew it was time for me to finally experience a Boudoir Photoshoot for myself. In July of 2020, I FINALLY DID IT!! For the longest time, I felt like such a FRAUD! Here I was, trying to convince you & every single woman to invest in themselves & experience boudoir. I knew it was a life changing experience, but it was never one I had the lady balls myself to do. I made literally every single excuse you could think of NOT to do it. My weight being the main reason. I kept telling myself that in order for me to be comfortable enough to get in front of essentially a stranger, in nothing more than lingerie & sometimes less than that, that I would HAVE to lose ‘X’ amount of pounds.

BUT I finally said FUCK IT & I DID IT!! & LET. ME. TELL. YALL!!!!

I have NEVER, in my life, felt the way I did during & even after my shoot. The confidence that overtook me, I cannot even begin to explain. I had no idea that amount of confidence even existed within me! I felt sexy as hell. I felt alive. I felt WORTHY & SO BEYOND POWERFUL! I seriously teared up on my way home from the shoot because of how amazing I felt… & I want EVERY SINGLE WOMAN to feel exactly that!

This is not an advertisement for you to book with me specifically, this is me being 1000% real & honest with you. Do a Boudoir shoot. Do it! DO IT! FUCKING DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Book with whomever you want to! Someone you trust & believe will provide you with an amazing experience. Leave all the doubt & excuses behind because I promise you, there is literally nothing in this entire world more liberating & freeing than to be able to not only see & feel powerful, but to believe it, without a doubt in the world!

It took me a while to make the switch to photographing strictly boudoir. I had never really been a super big ‘girl power’ type person. That is not to say I am anti-feminist or anything of that sort, I just never really rallied behind it all. I was worried that I would not be able to convince women to do it if I wasn’t that ‘WOOO GIRL POWER’ type & I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fake it either. After working with so many incredible women, hearing their stories & then finally experiencing it myself, I became just that!

We are mothers, wives, cooks, maids, colleagues, entrepreneurs & so much more. We get so wrapped up in the day to day & most of us forget to take care of ourselves. We forget how much power we possess & just how important we are. We do not see it or even feel it & I am here to tell you that its time. It is YOUR time. YOU DESERVE THIS!

XX, Allie Marie

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